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Customers promote, hotels honour
The essence of active holidays

The Eurorest system is an effective tool for the promotion of individual tourism focused mainly on European countries. The system has been operating based on a network of carefully selected hotels. At the moment there are a thousand of them but still new ones are joining giving more options for travellers at the same time. We choose hotels of different standards in attractive tourist regions which are avilable all year round . They are small, medium hotels as well as family hotels or large chain hotels. This way everyone can find a hotel most suitable for his/her expectations.

Why does the Eurorest formula work?

Customers, in exchange for the possibility of cheaper and easier travel, promote hotels where they spent their holidays. That's why all sides are content.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Statistical data speaks for itself. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world come back every year from successful vacations in Europe. The number is still growing as is the range of our products and services. It happens because we always adjust our offer to customers' needs. To the mutual satisfaction of customers and hoteliers.

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